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Christie has been a Travel + Leisure Alist travel agent since 2022 and has been published in the print magazine and contributed to online articles featuring international family travel.

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Before traveling with Mi Familia Internacional, destinations like India seemed inaccessible. Our teens were apprehensive heading into the trip, Mi Familia Internacional exceeded all expectations by tailoring our experiences to the interests and engagement level of our children and planning community impact opportunities that introduced us to deeper aspects of the culture. This turned out to be one of their favorite trips! — Neelesh, Parent of Two Teens

What Makes Us Unique:

Age-Related Purposeful Itineraries

Mi Familia Internacional specializes in offering age-appropriate thoughtful travel itineraries. We take the time to learn your family’s interests and discuss the best pace and flow for your family or group. Activities can be tailored to engage each age group.


  • When planning for families with young children (ages 4-12) we find age-related, boredom-busting activities that entertain kids (and their adult companions) and fit your family’s interests. 


  • Exploring the world with teens can be challenging, or amazing. For teens, the intensity and pace of activities is crucial, as well as finding activities that meet teens’ interests and makes the trip relevant to them. We take a pre-trip inventory to learn more about your teenagers and encourage your older children to participate in trip decisions.


  • Not all adults are the same, and we do our best to select off-the-beaten-path activities that will foster meaningful connections and leave a positive footprint at home and abroad. We listen to you and work from your interests to offer exclusive experiences.
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Food Foraging with Cooking Class

Young families get outside together in the Loire Valley, France and learn what plants are edible, and others not, as you enjoy a day foraging in the woods and gathering a garden harvest followed by family cooking class and alfresco meal. 

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Private Custom Magic Experience

When traveling to Agra, India, a teen shared that he had been studying magic. The history of Indian magic goes back to the 3500 BC so we took this opportunity to arrange a private audience with a local magician. 

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Private Helicopter to the Top of the World

Adults traveling in in Nepal take a helicopter to the top of the world stopping at Kongde Lodge, highest in the world at 4,250m. Share a cup of tea before your helicopter delves further into the Everest region towards Everest Base Camp.

Raising a Global Citizen Takes Planning


The key years for travel with your child (when they will remember and learn) are ages 5 to 18. During those 13 years, families are also juggling extracurricular activities and life road bumps that will further limit your travel time options. That is why we created the Life Travel Map.

You can study the destination itineraries on our website and create your own plan, or for a nominal fee, Mi Familia Internacional offers Life Travel Map, a self-guided inventory that details the recommended key trips for you, based on your unique family interests, priorities and resources.

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Who We Are
    • 1. We love to get to know you as a traveler and find what you love in a destination, making each vacation and adventure a special part of who you are.
    • 2. We specialize in custom itineraries for travelers who love different and off-the-beaten-path experiences.
    • 3. We listen to your travel dreams and prepare options that combine community-impact experiences with age-appropriate adventures.
4. We take care of your travels from end-to-end, with details that take your travels to a level that can only come from expertise and experience, extensive research and education, and other clients’ experiences.
    • 5. We are redefining luxury travel and what that means – personal, unique and just for you without compromising value.

What Sets Us Apart:

Community-Impact Opportunites

    • Our out-of-the-ordinary community-impact opportunities allow families to better understand a community by seeing and participating in their efforts to renew and restore places, culture, economies and ecosystems. Explore with us the importance of sustainable practices and regenerative travel.
Meet with a Local Fisher and Explore Fogo Island Fishing Industry

Fogo Island, New Foundland Canada This experience with local fishers offers an opportunity for understanding Fogo Island’s fishing industry past and present. Learn how this community has thrived despite the impact of widespread industrialize overfishing.

Grafiti wall in Athens Greece
Insider tour of Athens with Shedia Guide

Athens, Greece Shedia, meaning “raft” in Greek, is a not-for-profit organization that works to employ and empower people experiencing homelessness and social exclusion in Greece. Take a tour of Athens while enjoying an educational talk from one of Shedia’s guides, all of who have experienced homelessness themselves.

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Stay at a Giraffe Manor and Support the Local Community

Nairobi, Kenya Just by staying at a regenerative hotel like Giraffe Manor you are contributing to conservation and contributing to local initiatives. Among the many ways to connect as a family you can donate to one of Footprint’s Kenyan community projects and join a specialist team involved in planning and fundraising for an entire community project.

How We Work


We get to know your travel style and preferences using some fun visual tools and old-fashioned conversion.


Based on your input and preferences we design trip options and present them to you with pricing for your desired travel dates.


Once you select the travel options you want, we reserve all the elements and provide you with a digital itinerary with confirmations and documents.


This is the fun part! You travel and have a great time. We check in on you and the selected travel providers to make sure all is going well.


When you return we talk with you about what was great and what could have been better so we make each future trip awesome.


Schedule a complimentary 15-minute trip planning consultation here.

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We would be happy to book your hotel or resort stay extending amenities, which often include complimentary breakfast, resort or hotel credit, room upgrade and early check-in, late check-out. Complimentary

About Us

Christie Holmes is the founder of Mi Familia Internacional. The name means “my international family,” which Christie chose because of her desire to help families leave the familiarity of home and explore International cultures. As clients travel, it is not uncommon to hear them say that acquaintances have become friends, and friends have become a part of their extended international family.


Christie’s love for culture and exploration through travel started as a child living in Greece. Her passion for international experiences and desire to open the world for her children inspired her to create creative itineraries for families that make travel experiences accessible near and far. She has been helping families travel the world since 2015.