A Greek family vacation is epic. From fantastic weather and endless outdoor activities to mythological ruins and delicious cuisine few nations prove more family-friendly. Not only will you and your kids fall in love with Greece, but you’ll enjoy a vibrant culture that celebrates families. Your kids will feel warmly welcomed, no matter where you go. 

Of course, some parts of the country ultimately prove more suitable for families, featuring a wealth of activities that’ll captivate your children’s imaginations. After all, Greece is a land of fabulous tales and legends. These stories have been retold and celebrated for millennia. Some have even made their way into modern works like Rick Riordan’s fantastic Percy Jackson series. 

But that’s just the beginning when it comes to things to do in Greece with kids. Keep reading to learn more about five must-do activities on a Greek family vacation.   

1. Steep Yourself in Legendary History and Greek Culture in Athens

There’s no better place to launch a vacation in Greece for kids than Athens, home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. At the Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, time travel 2,000 years back to the height of Classical Hellenic Civilization. Explore the Ancient Agora and gain greater knowledge of the world’s first democracy, the city-state of Athens. There, famed figures once roamed, from the philosopher Socrates to the playwright Sophocles. 

And don’t miss out on a visit to Syntagma Square below the Hellenic Parliament. There, you can watch the pageantry of the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Every Sunday at 11 am, the Evzone, an elite light infantry unit that acts as a presidential guard, march from their barracks to the Parliament Building along Vasilissis Sofia Avenue in traditional ceremonial garb. Here’s what it takes to become an Evzone and why they wear those costumes

Besides a visit to the Acropolis and scoping out the Changing of the Guard, your family will enjoy a wide range of potential activities in Athens. They include sailing tours, cycling, visits to local farms, and much more. Explore more of the best destinations for family travel in 2021 and beyond. 

2. Experience Island Living in Santorini

The best family holidays in Greece wouldn’t be complete without experiencing island living. One of our favorite destinations? Iconic Santorini, with its crystal-clear water, golden beaches, whitewashed houses, and blue-domed churches. Family-friendly activities prove plentiful, and they include beach days spent savoring the sun, sand, and surf. But the fun doesn’t stop at sandcastles. 

Enjoy a guided walking tour of the island while learning about millennia of human occupation. Check out the archaeological site of Akrotiri located in the southwestern region of Santorini. One of the most significant prehistoric sites in the Cyclades, your family will marvel at ruins dating to 4000 BC. Along the way, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the mythic Minoan Civilization. 

Digs in Akrotiri have revealed a culturally vibrant and affluent city, which reached its height between 1550 and 1500 BC. Artifacts from diverse civilizations attest to Akrotiri’s role as a trade center. But a volcanic explosion both destroyed and preserved the city beneath a thick layer of ash in 1627 BC. Did the demise of Akrotiri inspire Plato’s tale of the lost city of Atlantis? You and your kids can delve into this mystery while exploring what remains of the dwellings, walls, paved streets, and sophisticated artifacts left behind. Learn more about the impressive archaeological evidence you’ll see at the Akrotiri Archaeological Site

3. Discover Caves, Labyrinths, and Pink Beaches in Crete 

Strolling Crete’s long, sandy west coast is a dreamy experience, from its crystal-clear seawater to the blush of pink sands at Falasarna and Elafonisi. Outdoor activities prove abundant, including short hikes to gorges like Zagros. Besides hoofing it around the island, take a boat tour of deserted beaches along Hania’s southern coast. And don’t forget to spend time on the Lasithi Plateau, exploring grottos such as Dikteon Cave.  

Besides rosy sand beaches, accessible hikes, and subterranean adventures, you won’t want to miss Heraklion, the island’s capital. Just south of the modern-day city, step back in time at the ancient Minoan Palace of Knossos with its famed Labyrinth, where the mythical creature known as the Minotaur was said to lurk. Here’s everything you need to know about the extraordinary history of this beautiful prehistoric palace complex

At a traditional village located in the mountains near Heraklion, spend a day with a local family, immersing yourself in Cretan culture. Learn about (and try your hand at) traditional food preparation, agricultural activities, and more. Savor an authentic Greek meal, complete with delectable local cuisine and wine. 

4. Savor Paradise on the Peloponnese in Nafplio

Nafplio is an excellent launching off point for countless adventures. It’s also earned a reputation for being the most romantic destination in Greece, and with good reason. This highly walkable city contains numerous nods to its history as a Venetian stronghold, and your family will fall in love with it. From its neoclassical mansions and robust castle ruins to its narrow, cobblestone streets shrouded in profusions of vibrant bougainvillea. This paradisiacal getaway sits just two hours from Athens, yet you’ll feel transported into another world.  

As with so many destinations in Greece, dig deeper into the city’s multi-layered history at places like the Archaeological Museum. Housed in a stunning Venetian structure on Syntagma Square, it boasts an impressive collection of artifacts dating back to the Paleolithic Era. Items include jewelry, clothing, sculptures, ceramics, figurines, and more. 

Or embark on a daylong sea kayaking excursion to the Burtzi castle. Starting at Nafplio port, enjoy stunning views of some of the area’s other fortifications along the way, including the fortress of Palamidi and Acronafplia Castle. Sea kayaking is a perfect activity for teens who want to experience a little pulse-raising adventure while gaining a unique perspective. 

5. Theaters, Fortresses, and Olympic Sites, Oh My!

When it comes to the best places in Greece for families, the Peloponnese peninsula has you covered. Must-see spots include the world-renowned Theater of Epidaurus. Constructed in the 4th century BC, the theater once held 14,000 spectators, and its perfect acoustical properties allowed the masses to hear unamplified words spoken on stage. Epidaurus also bears witness to a longstanding ceramics tradition. Connect to this rich past during a pottery workshop. 

Visit the ancient city of Mycenae, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where Greek mythology and history come to life. Heinrich Schliemann discovered this archaeological site in the 19th century. When he declared it the kingdom of Agamemnon, the site became forever linked with the Homeric epics, The Iliad and The Odyssey

Two-and-a-half hours west of Mycenae by car, trace the ancient roots of the modern-day Olympics at the Archaeological Museum of Olympia. Then, walk the ruins of ancient Olympia, A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the remains of the sanctuary of Zeus, the Olympia Stadium (where many of the sporting events of the Ancient Olympics took place), and much more. Use augmented reality iPads to immerse yourself in the beauty and sophistication of this classical Greek city site. After a day of ancient adventuring, decompress at a local winery while sampling some of the area’s finest bottles. 

Your Ultimate Greek Family Vacation

A Greek family vacation comes with endless ways to explore this stunning Mediterranean nation and its incredible history. Whether you long to play amateur archaeologist in Crete, sea kayak to a castle off the coast of Nafplio, or sip tasty wines at a vineyard in Olympia, we’ve got the perfect adventure waiting for you. 

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